Béatrix AGIUS - Wall decoration, wall paintings, trompe-l'oeil, restoration

Painted decoration, trompe l'oeil, panoramic.

For trompe l'oeil and painted wall decorations, prices are generally calculated by square meter (250 €. average), but the price also depends on the quality of materials, the technique used, the complexity of decorative elements, and the distance of the site.


Prices for imitations (faux marble, faux wood, painted skies...) are calculated by square meter - 200 €. on average.

For the implementation, we must:
- define the subject to be painted, and the state of the background media.
- agree on the produced scale renderings and/or watercolor studies (paid and deducted from the final price).
- establish the corresponding estimate.

Custom paintings.

Commissioned paintings often include depictions of particular scenes, portraits, or personalized re-creations and re-interpretations of classic works.  Scale renderings and/or watercolor studies are first provided for approval prior to the full-scale painting in oils or acylics.


The settlement terms are 30% deposit when ordering, 30% during performance, the balance at the achievement.

Prices are net (micro plan).